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Plastic Bottle Recycling Equipment How to Help You Recycle Waste Plastics

The Plastic Bottle Recycling Equipment removes sediment through unpacking → rollers→ removes labels→ sorting→ crushing→ high-speed friction cleaning→ float cleaning→ debris removal, and post-consumer PET bottle recycling and cleaning into recycled PET bottle flakes.

The recycled PET bottle flakes meet the quality index requirements of downstream food packaging raw material processing. They are directly in contact with packaging applications such as food-blowing and blister boxes in viscosity applications in the later granulation stage.

Plastic Bottle Recycling Equipment is designed for PET bottle bricks with a contamination rate of up to 80%.
Plastic Bottle Recycling Equipment In addition to the standard 500kg/h-5000kg/h, boxin also offers different models and sizes to provide customized cleaning and recycling solutions according to the degree of contamination of PET plastic and your application requirements.

pet bottle washing recycling machine 500-5000kg/h

Our pet recycling machine can turn dirty mineral water bottles, coke bottles, milk bottles, and other waste PET bottle bricks into clean PET bottle flakes.
The pet recycling machine is fully automatic, which includes conveying, de-labeling, crushing, washing, drying, color sorting, and bagging, and an electric control cabinet controls the whole washing system.

اقرأ المزيد "

PET Bottle Washing Line

The boxing pet bottle washing line has recycling technology that meets FDA enforcement standards. Our pet washing line processes waste plastic bottles into flakes. Including coke bottles, milk bottles, carbonated drinks, drinking water, fruit juices, tea drinks, etc.

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Why do you need boxin Plastic Bottle Recycling Equipment ?

boxin’s exclusively designed pet bottle flakes washing line effectively removes adhesives, impurities, and metals from bottles and flakes with excellent cleaning results.

Our state-of-the-art waste plastic bottle recycling machine has the following features.

  • Automation, less labor, low energy consumption, high efficiency
  • Water recycling system with a 20% reduction in energy consumption per unit
  • Food-grade and filament-grade plastic washing machine
  • Stable recycled flake quality to meet downstream food-grade and filament production requirements

The boxin plastic washing machine is a combination of different machines for the recycling of bottles and flakes of different grades.

To provide the most suitable plastic washing machine, please consult the experts of Boxin; we have 20 years of experience, ready to help you solve the confusion about waste plastic bottle recycling machine.

To be able to meet your needs, let our team know –

  1. What waste materials are you looking to dispose of?
  2. What is the degree of contamination of the material to be processed?
  3. The required processing speed per hour
  4. The quality of the final flakes you want?

plastic washing machine

ما هي مواصفات صفيحة PET

What are the specifications of PET bottle flakes?

Different specifications of pet bottle flakes enhance performance and versatility in various packaging solutions.
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سعر ماكينة إعادة تدوير زجاجة PET

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هل بلاستيك PET آمن؟

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