Heavy duty Wet plastic bottle crusher machine

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Plastic bottle crusher machines can crush all kinds of PET bottles, films, woven bags, rigid materials, small hollow bottles, or other plastic products and convert them into plastic sheets.

This plastic crusher has various capacities according to the customer’s needs and can be selected according to the crushing needs; the capacity is from the lowest 400-600mm to the maximum 2400-2700(KG/H).

Heavy duty Wet plastic bottle crusher machine


Working principle and operation of plastic bottle crush machine

The plastic bottle crush machine is one of the most important machines used throughout the world, and it can effectively recycle plastic resources by crushing waste plastics into reusable raw materials. The following is the working principle of the plastic crusher and how it is applied:

crusher box


  • tress relieved and dynamically balanced, sturdy and smooth running. The rotary knife has a V-shaped installation angle, the cutting shape is X-shaped, and the extension shaft of the rotor can be added with a speed wheel.


  • Single-piece construction supports the entire frame on resilient rubber-metal bonded mountings to minimize vibration and noise.

feed hopper

  • The specially designed feed hopper can be filled manually or by conveyor belt and is fitted with a non-return plate to prevent backflow of material. The feed hopper is hydraulically opened for easy maintenance and cleaning of the rotor.

electrical machinery

  • The belt drive motor has a drive power of 55 kw, protection class IP-54, and a mains voltage of 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases.

Safety Limit Switches

  • Ensure that maintenance equipment is at a complete stop.


  • Automatic Y/∆ starting cabinet according to IEC standards, blocking the main switch and emergency stop.

Rotating grinding disk

  • The grinding disk is also a key component in the plastic crushing process. The rotating high speed of the grinding disk and the blades’ crushing can quickly process the plastic materials into the required granular grinding state.

Screen Separation

  • Plastic pulverizers usually have a screen separation device to obtain uniform plastic particles. The size of the plastic granules produced can be controlled by the different apertures of the screen, which is required for various applications.

Cooling system

Capacity (KG/H)400-600900-12001400-16002000-22002400-2700
Motor Power (KW)3755/7590/110110/132160/185
Rotary Knives (PCS)66/10101010
Fixed Knives (PCS)44444
Main shaft rotation diameter (mm)500650750750800


Heavy duty Wet plastic bottles crusher: The Importance of Recycling Plastic



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What types of plastic emissions can the plastic crusher handle?

  • Plastic crushers can typically handle many types of plastics, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), and other common plastic materials.

How do plastic shredders contribute to the environment?

  • Plastic crushers are conducive to converting waste plastics into reusable raw materials, thereby reducing the pollution caused by plastic emissions on the environment. They are also conducive to establishing a more sustainable circular economy system.

How do you choose a suitable plastic crusher?

  • Choosing a suitable plastic pulverizer requires considering the type of plastic to be processed, capacity requirements, energy efficiency, and other factors. When purchasing, you should consult a technical professional to ensure it meets your needs and complies with environmental requirements.
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