Plastic Film Recycling Machine

Our Plastic Film Recycling Machine Solutions

→The final film moisture content is between 1%-3%, dry and clean.

→High-speed friction washing and multi-stage cleaning can remove more than 96% of the sediment and impurities

→Adopt world-famous brand parts, such as Siemens, Fuji, SKF, SUS, D2 blades, etc.

→Special blade shaft suit for film/woven bag grinding

Plastic Film Recycling Machine How to Help You Recycle Waste Plastics

The plastic film recycling machine removes sediment through crushing→, high-speed friction cleaning→, float cleaning→, debris removal, and Other processes to remove sediment.

The recycled film particles meet the quality index requirements of downstream Textile industry raw material processing.

Plastic Film Recycling Machine specializes in processing PE film stock with up to 80% contamination rate. In addition to the standard 300kg/h-2000kg/h plastic film recycling machine, boxin also offers different models and sizes to provide customized cleaning and recycling solutions based on the level of contamination of the pe plastic and your application requirements.

Plastic Film Recycling Machine Product Category

waste plastic pp pe film recycling machine

waste plastic pp pe film recycling machine

Boxin’s plastic film recycling machine aims to recycle waste agricultural film, winding film, garbage bags, woven bags, tonnage bags, etc. The cleaning and recycling process includes crushing, separating, washing, friction washing, hot washing, dewatering, and drying. Waste plastic film, woven bags after recycling, can be used to make various household and industrial products.

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PP/PE Film recycling Washing line

The PP/PE Film recycling Washing line is designed to handle various Waste films, including agricultural, packaging, and industrial films. It effectively removes oil and grease, producing clean, high-quality pellets. These pellets can be widely used to manufacture new plastic products, promoting resource recycling and reducing low environmental burdens.

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Why do you need boxin Plastic Film Recycling Machine ?

Boxing’s exclusively designed waste plastic film recycling machine effectively removes adhesives, impurities, and metals from the film, with excellent cleaning results.

Our state-of-the-art waste LDPE film recycling machine has the following features.

Automation, less labor, low energy consumption, high efficiency
Water recycling system with a 20% reduction in energy consumption per unit
Stable recycled film quality to meet the Downstream industry’s requirements

The boxing plastic washing machine combines different machines that produce high-quality film-recycled materials.

To provide the most suitable plastic washing machine, please consult the experts of Boxin; we have 20 plastic recycling machines’ experience and are ready to help you solve the confusion about waste film recycling machines.

To be able to meet your needs, let our team know –

What waste materials are you looking to dispose of?
What is the degree of contamination of the material to be processed?
The required processing speed per hour
The quality of the final Particle you want?

plastic film recycling machine

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