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The plastic crusher utilizes the sharp-edged rotating movable knife and the fixed knife on both sides of the rotating shaft to shear each other and crush the materials into different sizes of particles.
The crushed plastic can be sold directly or put into the recycling washing machine and pelletizing system to make secondary raw materials for re-producing plastic products.

Wide application of plastic recycling crusher

Plastic crushing machines can crush PET, PP, PE, PVC, EVA, and other materials.

Industrial plastic crushers commonly process materials such as plastic bottles, plastic film, woven bags, plastic profiles, plastic pipes, plastic boards, plastic sheets, plastic shells, etc.

Plastic Crusher Product Category

automatic plastic waste film crusher machine

Automatic plastic waste film crushers play a vital role in recycling by converting waste plastics into reusable raw materials.
The crushed plastic is much smaller, making it easier to transport and dispose of, increasing its availability and improving subsequent processing efficiency.
These plastic pellets can produce new products ranging from plastics to textiles, thus reducing the need for virgin plastic resources.
An automatic plastic waste film crusher is widely used for Injection-molded parts, blow-molded parts, profiles, sheets, soft plastic films, hard plastics, etc.

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Why do you need boxin plastic crusher ?

  1. Reduces the space occupied by waste plastics, thus reducing consignment costs.
  2. A high-quality alloy structure of the crushing box, sturdy and durable, hinged screen frame for easy screen removal and installation through a separate entry port to remove without tools.
  3. Precise clearance between rotary and fixed knives and rotor design ensures uniformity of crushed particles.
  4. Quick adjustment of the knives outside the machine minimizes downtime and makes the replacement of knives easier.
  5. The frame is mounted on vibration-resistant rubber-to-metal connectors to resist vibration and minimize noise.
  6. The specially designed feed hopper can be filled manually or by conveyor belt and is fitted with a non-return plate to prevent material backflow. The feed hopper is hydraulically opened for easy maintenance and cleaning of the rotor.

plastic crusher

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