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Los separadores por color se han convertido en una herramienta esencial para las empresas que desean mejorar la calidad de sus virutas de plástico y optimizar sus procesos de clasificación.


The role of color Separator technology in improving the quality of plastic chips

The working principle of a photonic color sorter is based on a sensor that emits a specific wavelength of light to irradiate the product. Different products absorb and reflect optical properties for different wavelengths of light. By analyzing these optical signals, the color sorter identifies color differences, foreign matter, defects, or damage assessed in the product. Provides superior sorting accuracy.

Rapid, Inspection:

  • The color sorter can process thousands of products per second, dramatically and efficiently increasing inspection speed and efficiency, ensuring rapid production and distribution of products.

Advanced optical technology gives the color sorter extremely high sorting accuracy and can effectively remove contaminated, spoiled, or foreign material contaminated plastic debris.

Reduced Labor Costs:

  • The automated operation of the color sorter dramatically reduces labor costs while improving sorting consistency and reliability.


Optimize color Separator parameters to improve color separation efficiency

Optimizing color sorter parameters is critical to enhancing color separation efficiency. The following debut key parameters, explaining how to adjust these parameters to produce the best results:

Light source wavelength:

  • Choosing the appropriate light source wavelength related to the target object to be selected can effectively improve the accuracy of the target object and the background and enhance the color selection accuracy.

Detector Accuracy:

  • Adjust the detector accuracy so the color sorter can detect the target object’s damage changes and, more precisely, reject foreign objects or defective products.

Pipeline Speed:

  • Adjust the pipeline speed according to the characteristics of the loading and unloading of the items to be selected to ensure that the loading and unloading can have enough time to produce an apparent contrast between the light source and the detector to improve the efficiency of color sorting.

Color Selection Mode:

  • Select the appropriate color selection mode according to the characteristics of the inventory to be selected, as well as high efficiency, such as band selection, multi-color selection, or selection by shape, to target different characteristics of the color selection.

Reject Threshold:

  • Setting a reasonable reject threshold enables the color sorter to accurately reject nonconforming products according to the set threshold to ensure the stability and reliability of the color sorting results.

Careful evaluation of the characteristics of the stock to be sorted and appropriate adjustments based on the above critical parameters can optimize the performance of the color sorter, improve the efficiency of color sorting, and further ensure product quality and safety.

Separador de colores


Advantages of color Separator in optimizing production processes

Photonic color sorters not only improve the quality of plastic chips but also optimize the production process, bringing significant operational advantages:

Improve production efficiency:

  • The color sorter can quickly and accurately sort products, automatically exclude foreign materials and defective products, and significantly improve production lines and capacity.

Reduce labor costs:

  • Color sorters can replace many cumbersome manual sorting operations, reducing reliance on the workforce and lowering the company’s labor costs.

Ensure product consistency:

  • The color sorter can accurately sort products according to preset parameters, ensuring consistency in product specifications and quality and meeting customer demand for high-quality products.

Reduce follow-up operations:

  • The color sorter can effectively remove foreign materials and defective products, reduce the risk of problems during subsequent processing, packaging, and transportation, and save enterprises’ follow-up processing costs.

Improve product value:

  • The products after the color sorter are of higher quality and have a better appearance, which can improve the product value and increase the sales profit of the enterprise.

In summary, the photonic color sorter is a tool to improve food safety and an investment that can optimize the production process, improve business efficiency, and enhance product quality. Enterprises can make good use of these color sorters and can take advantage of the advantages to strengthen competitiveness significantly.



Thanks to advanced optical technology, color sorters provide precise sorting to ensure products meet strict specifications and regulations. By optimizing color sorter parameters, adopting innovative technologies, and ensuring proper maintenance, plastic recyclers can realize the full potential of color sorters.

Color sorters not only improve the quality of plastic chips but also optimize the production process, reduce costs, and provide consumers with a quality product. You can get a customized solution for your needs by partnering with an industry-leading color sorter manufacturer.



What is the principle of color sorter?

  • A color sorter uses optical sensors to analyze the color and shape of an object and sort out different products according to preset parameters.
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