Plastic Friction Washer

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Plastic Friction Washer by injecting high-pressure water, the surface of the plastic is cleansed of the chemical composition, the surface pH value is brought closer to neutral, and the plastic sheet’s total impurity content is reduced to 100 ppm.

Friction Washer


Friction Washer Influencing Factors

Friction force:

  • Use the right pressure and speed according to the type of material and degree of contamination to avoid material damage.

Cleaning time:

  • Determine the optimal cleaning time according to the proportion of chemicals contained in the material and the content of fine impurities.

Water temperature:

  • Determine the chemical composition to select the appropriate water temperature to avoid chemical residues and increase energy consumption

Friction Washer Spindle


Proceso de lavado

Usually, hot washing + Friction Washer effectively removes the residual adhesive, oil, and some fine impurities on the surface of bottle flakes.
The high-speed rotating spindle rubs the material against the high-pressure water, and the rapid rotation dislodges the fine contaminants and breaks them down into small particles. The inner sieve tube is used as a contaminant filter.

Friction Washer

Friction Washer advantage

  • Plastic flakes have a nearly neutral pH value.
  • Further separation of fine impurities
  • Automatic washing of the screen with water
  • Total impurity content below 100ppm
  • Main body 304 stainless steel, sieve bottom 2.3mm thick

Línea de lavado para reciclado de plásticos



How can the cleaning efficiency of friction washers be improved?

  • Optimize the cleaning parameters, such as temperature, humidity, chemical concentration, and cleaning time, and regularly replace the cleaning brushes and screens.

How does the friction washer affect the recovery rate?

  • An effective friction-washing process removes impurities and contaminants from PET bottles and ensures high-quality recycled material, thus increasing the recovery rate.

How can I reduce the running cost of a friction washer?

  • Adopting energy-saving technologies, such as optimizing wash cycles, recyclable water, and regular maintenance, can reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.
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