Solutions de nettoyage de pointe pour les plastiques HDPE et PP

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Recycling waste plastics is essential to achieve sustainable development, and the “HDPE PP Plastic Cleaning Line” is vital in this process. Advanced technologies, such as the BX-HDPE Plastic Recycling Cleaning Line, explicitly designed for the recycling and cleaning of HDPE (High-Density Poly) Styrene and PP (series) series of rigid plastics, efficiently provide solutions to meet the current needs of the plastics recycling industry.

Solutions de nettoyage de pointe pour les plastiques HDPE et PP


Solutions de nettoyage de pointe pour les plastiques HDPE et PP

Multi-stage cleaning process:

  • BX-HDPE plastic recycling line has a multi-stage cleaning process, including pre-cleaning, hot washing, rinsing, and stripping steps to increase population, grease, and residue.


  • Unique flotation technology separates plastic particles and memory to ensure the packaging and quality of recycled plastics.

Automatic Control System:

  • The automatic control system monitors and adjusts cleaning parameters to optimize efficiency and reduce labor costs.


  • The high-capacity design of the BX-HDPE Plastic Recycling Cleaning Line can process large quantities of recycled plastic substitutes to meet large-scale recycling needs.

Solutions personnalisées :

  • This washing line can be customized to meet specific customer needs, including capacity, plastic-type, and recycling application.

The BX-HDPE plastic recycling washing line is not only a leading solution for recycling HDPE and PP plastics but also helps companies increase recycling rates, reduce costs, and move towards the goal of sustainable development.


Optimize recovery rates and product quality.

BX-HDPE plastic recycling cleaning line can not only effectively remove the destruction and interruption in the plastic compensation but also effectively retain the original characteristics of the plastic to ensure the characteristics of the recycled plastic particles. It has the following advantages:

Accurate sorting:

  • We are adopting advanced sorting technology to accurately separate different plastic supplements and ensure the narrowness of HDPE and PP plastics.

Efficient Cleaning:

  • Using a multi-stage cleaning program with high-pressure water flow and special detergents thoroughly enhances skin color, grease, and odors on the surface.

Hot Melt Filtration:

  • Innovative hot melt filtration technology is used to effectively filter out the tiny links in the plastic pellets to ensure the cleanliness of the finished pellets.


  • The cleaned plastic is pelletized to ensure uniform pellet size for subsequent processing and use through the precise pelletizing pellet equipment.

Quality Inspection:

  • Equipped with perfect quality inspection equipment, the quality of recycled plastics is strictly controlled to ensure that it meets the industry standards and customers’ needs.

Throughout the BX-HDPE plastic recycling and washing line, the enterprise can significantly improve the recycling rate of HDPE and PP plastics and ensure that the quality of recycled plastics meets the market demand, creating higher-value recycled plastic products.


Leading industry standards to enhance recovery quality

The BX-HDPE Plastic Recycling Wash Line is an industry-leading solution and the key to improving the quality of recycled HDPE and PP plastics. This washing line utilizes cutting-edge technology and rigorous procedures to ensure that recycled plastics meet the highest standards demanded by the market.

Dramatic Improvement:

  • The BX-HDPE cleaning line thoroughly improves the cost of plastics through a multi-stage process that includes foreign matter, labels, and glue residue, ensuring the purity of the final product.


  • The washing line uses a unique color sorting technology to separate light and dark plastics, which is essential for producing high-quality recycled pellets for various applications.

Enhanced Mechanical Properties:

  • Through various cleaning steps, the BX-HDPE washing line eliminates water and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the plastic, helping improve mechanical properties and extending the recycled plastic’s life.


  • The cleaning line meets stringent industry standards and regulations, including FDA and EU regulations, ensuring the safety and compliance of recycled plastics.
  • The BX-HDPE Plastic Recycling Wash Line provides an unrivaled solution to enhance the recycling quality of HDPE and PP plastics, providing customers with high-quality recycled materials to promote a circular economy and reduce environmental footprint.

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BX-HDPE Plastic Recycling Cleaning Line repairs advanced technology and excellent performance to provide a comprehensive solution for HDPE and PP plastic recycling. It optimizes the recycling rate and product quality and adopts innovative technology to enhance recycling efficiency. As a leader in the industry standard, it improves the recycling quality, creates value recycling, and promotes the development of the circular economy. The BX-HDPE Plastic Recycling Cleaning Line is ideal for companies seeking advanced plastic recycling and cleaning solutions.



What special attention is needed to recycle and clean HDPE and PP plastics?

  • Recycling and cleaning of HDPE and PP plastics requires attention to the following: Sorting: Different plastic types must be sorted as they have different recycling characteristics. Removal of foreign matter: Remove non-plastic foreign matter such as paper, metals, and organic substances. Cleaning: Use appropriate cleaning techniques and agents to remove contaminants and residues. Drying: Thoroughly dry plastic pellets to prevent mold or deterioration during storage and subsequent processing.

How does the BX-HDPE Plastic Recycling and Washing Line improve the recycling rate and product quality?

  • Through Advanced Cleaning Technology, the BX-HDPE Plastic Recycling Cleaning Line enhances the recycling rate and product quality. Innovative technologies such as flotation, friction cleaning, and hot water cleaning effectively remove contaminants and impurities. Customized Design: Customize the cleaning line to meet specific customer needs, optimizing cleaning procedures and efficiency. Automatic control: The automatic control system monitors and adjusts the cleaning parameters to ensure the best results.

What are the industrial and environmental benefits of using a BX-HDPE plastic recycling cleaning line?

  • Using the BX-HDPE Plastic Recycling Cleaning Line brings the following industrial and environmental benefits: Reduced Raw Material Costs: Recycling plastics reduces the need for virgin HDPE and PP plastics, thereby reducing production costs. Reduce Environmental Pollution: Recycling plastics reduces plastic waste in landfills and the environment. Promote a circular economy: Recycling and reusing plastics helps to build a circular economy, reducing resource waste and environmental impact.
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