New Plastic Granulator and Crusher Working Principle

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With the adoption of this New Plastic Granulator and Crusher, manufacturers and engineers can optimize pellet quality further, reduce energy consumption, and increase overall productivity, opening up a new chapter in the plastics processing industry.

New Plastic Granulator and Crusher Working Principle


New Plastic Granulator and Crusher Working Principle

The new PE plastic granulators and pulverizers utilize advanced technology to optimize the plastic process. Granulators convert molten plastic into pellets, while pulverizers break down waste or finished polymers into smaller particles. They understand how these machines work, which is essential to realize their potential and improve production efficiency and quality.

Plastic Granulator

  • Extrusion System: Molten plastic is fed into the extruder, where a screw extrudes it and then passes uniformly through the die head.
  • Recipe Control: Sensors monitor temperature, pressure, and flow rate to adjust the recipe to ensure pellet uniformity automatically.
  • Pelletizing Die Head: The die head is designed with holes specifically shaped and sized to cut the molten plastic into pellets.
  • Cooling and Sorting: After the pellets are discharged from the die head, they are cooled and sorted by air or water to achieve the desired size and shape.

Plastic Crusher

  • Cutting Mechanism: Rotating blades interact with fixed blades to shear the plastic material into smaller pieces.
  • Size Control: Adjustment of the blade clearance controls the size of the finished particles.
  • Capacity and Output: Pulverizers are designed with processing throughput and required output in mind to meet specific applications.
  • Automation features: Automatic feed and discharge systems increase efficiency and safety.

By understanding how the new PE plastic granulators and pulverizers work, operators can optimize equipment parameters to ensure optimal performance and superior product quality and improve overall production efficiency.


Pelletizing process: how the new PE plastic pelletizer works

The new PE plastic pelletizer adopts advanced technology to convert molten plastic into uniform pellets. The pelletizing process is divided into several key steps:

  1. Melting: The PE plastic raw material is melted in the heating element to form a homogeneous melt.
  2. Extrusion: The molten plastic is extruded through a screw extruder, which plasticizes the melt and pushes it to the die head.
  3. Pelletizing: The molten plastic is extruded through small holes in the pelletizing die head to form uniform droplets.
  4. Cooling: The droplets are cooled in a water bath or air ring to form solid particles.
  5. Pelletizing: The cooled pellets are cut by rotary blades to the required size. A highly automated system controls these steps, ensuring pellet quality, size, and productivity meet exacting standards.

The new PE plastic pelletizer is equipped with:

  1. Advanced control system: regulates temperature, pressure, and pelletizing rate to ensure optimum operating efficiency.
  2. Innovative screw design: optimizes the plasticization and transfer of molten plastic, improving pellet uniformity and productivity.
  3. Replaceable die head: Suitable for all sizes and shapes of pellets, providing production flexibility.

Automated pelletizing system: precise control of pellet size is achieved by accurately adjusting cutter speed and spacing. Through these technological advances, the new PE plastic pelletizer can increase production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and provide high-quality pellets to meet the stringent requirements of the plastics manufacturing industry.

Crushing process: how the new PE plastic crusher works

ReductionIt uses a pre-shredding chamber or blade unit to cut large waste pieces into smaller sizes.
CrushingA high-speed rotating blade or disk breaks up the plastic pieces.
ClassificationA sieve or grading system separates the particles into grades that meet specific size requirements.
Final particleThe size-compliant particles are collected and discharged from the shredder.


Advantages of New PE Plastic Granulator and Pulverizer

New PE plastic granulators and pulverizers combine innovative technology and efficient design to bring many advantages to the plastics processing

  1. industry: Higher output rates: Advanced granulators equipped with highly efficient extrusion systems and optimized screw designs maximize melt flow rates, thus increasing output rates and overall production efficiency. Similarly, modern pulverizers offer higher capacity and faster rotation speeds to process large quantities of waste quickly, saving time and costs.
  2. Better pellet quality: Modern pelletizers use precision die heads and precise control systems to produce uniformly sized and shaped pellets. These pellets have excellent melt fluidity, ensuring the uniformity and strength of the final product.
  3. Lower energy consumption: The new granulators and pulverizers utilize energy-saving technologies such as variable frequency drives and highly efficient cooling systems. These features help to reduce power consumption, thereby saving operating costs and minimizing environmental impact.
  4. Ease of operation: User-friendly human-machine interface design and intuitive control system allow operators to monitor and adjust the machine easily. Automated features, such as automatic feeding and discharging systems, enhance ease of operation and save labor and time.
  5. Durability and Reliability: The new PE plastic granulators and pulverizers are built with rugged components and materials to withstand harsh production environments. The advanced bearing and sealing system ensures long, maintenance-free operation, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


New PE Plastic Pelletizer and Crusher Technology Advancement

As the plastics industry grows, new PE plastic granulators and pulverizers are being introduced. These machines incorporate cutting-edge technology to improve plastic processing efficiency and quality dramatically.

Pelletizer Technology Advances

  • Modern pelletizers incorporate advanced extrusion systems with optimized screw design and temperature control technology to ensure uniformity of the molten plastic. At the same time, the intelligent recipe control system can precisely adjust the ratio of raw materials to produce pellets of stable quality.
  • Pelletizing die technology has also been upgraded. A porous mold design improves pellet forming efficiency and reduces pressure loss during pelletization. In addition, introducing flushing assist technology effectively prevents the sticking of the pellets and ensures their integrity and surface smoothness.

Pulverizer Technology Advancement

  • New plastic pulverizers are available in a wide range of models to meet the needs of different applications. For plastic bottle recycling, specialized shredders with unique blade designs and graded screens can effectively process all types of bottles to achieve high recycling rates.
  • Industrial waste shredders emphasize high capacity and durability. Heavy-duty blades and wear-resistant materials are used to withstand long hours of heavy-duty operation. At the same time, introducing an automated control system reduces the need for operator intervention and enhances operational safety.

Innovative technology enhances efficiency.

  • Intelligent monitoring system: Sensors monitor the operating status of the equipment, detecting abnormalities in time and preventing malfunctions to ensure smooth production.
  • Automatic Feeding and Unloading System: Reduces manual operation, saves labor costs, and improves operational efficiency.
  • Energy-saving technology: Adopting variable frequency drive and energy recovery system to reduce the power consumption of equipment and realize environmental protection and sustainability.

Single-stage granulation



New PE plastic granulators and pulverizers have become game changers in plastic manufacturing. These state-of-the-art machines use cutting-edge technology to optimize production, improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Pelletizers convert molten plastic into pellets through extrusion, cutting, and cooling, while shredders pulverize large scraps or trimmings into smaller pellets. Innovations in these machines include sophisticated extrusion systems, efficient blade designs, and advanced automation features. Manufacturers can significantly increase productivity, reduce energy consumption, and improve pellet quality by investing in new PE pelletizers and shredders. These machines are vital to realizing an efficient and environmentally friendly plastics manufacturing operation, helping companies stay ahead in a competitive market.



What is the working principle of a new PE plastic granulator?

  • The new pe plastic pelletizer melts the raw material and extrudes it from the mold. The extruded plastic is then cut into small pieces called pellets.

What is the working principle of the new pe plastic crusher?

  • The new pe plastic pulverizer uses rotary blades to cut extensive plastic material into smaller pieces. These pieces can then be recycled or used for other purposes.

What are the advantages of the new pe plastic granulators and pulverizers?

  • New pe plastic granulators and pulverizers offer many advantages, including increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, and improved product quality.
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