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The plastic shredder machine is a low-speed and high-torque machine that breaks down large objects into smaller, less regular pieces, usually in sizes from 20 mm to 200 mm and more significant.

Shredder plastic Most of the materials shredded are large, intense loads of stubborn materials. Usually include single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, horizontal shredders, plate shredders, and other standard specifications.

Wide application of plastic shredder machine

Plastic shredders for recycling are generally used to process raw materials or trimmings that have not been processed and are commonly used for shredding scrap large-diameter PE plastic pipes, bundles of packaged plastic film, large stacks of plastic sheets, and head material.

A representative example is the shredding of plastic or rubber trimmings as raw materials after melting and pelletizing, which is used to remake plastic bottles, tires garbage cans, and so on.

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Double Shaft Shredder

Single shaft shredder

Single shaft shredder are a must-have tool in today’s industrial soft plastics recycling, known for their efficiency, economy, and ability to process a wide range of materials. From design considerations to tips, this guide will provide comprehensive advice on fully utilizing the potential of your single-shaft shredder.

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Why do you need boxin plastic shredder machine ?

  1. Bin material has circular movement, unlimited feeding, high shredding efficiency, and no jamming.
  2. The main shaft is specially customized with a large rotating diameter to protect the shredding contact surface and improve production capacity.
  3. C couplings connect Transmission components to reduce vibration and protect the spindle and reducer without force loss.
  4. The main shaft is equipped with a fixed knife above and below, effectively cutting off the material, not the entangled shaft, which is small in size after shredding.
  5. The electric control system is programmed by PLC and is equipped with functions of starting, stopping, positive rotation, and overload automatic protection.
  6. The whole machine is automated to ensure the stability and safety of work. Save labor costs.

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