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Our HDPE recycling machine Solutions

→Boxin rigid HDPE plastic recycling system can process a variety of plastics. With the help of multi-stage washing modules, high cleanliness, and stable output quality can be achieved.

→The HDPE recycling machine has a chemical and rinse water circulation system to reduce resource waste.

→The HDPE recycling machine uses a one-button start and stop switch and is equipped with a safety limit, making operation and maintenance more accessible and safer for personnel.

→The key mixed material removal technology ensures that most of the pollutants are eliminated at the initial stage

plastic Hdpe recycling machine How to help you recycle waste plastics

The HDPE recycling machine removes sediment through crushing→, tag removal→, high-speed friction cleaning→, float cleaning→, steam cleaningdehydration→ debris removal, and Other processes to remove sediment.

HDPE recycling machine specializes in processing HDPE bottle stock with up to complex mixtures. In addition to the standard 500kg/h-4000kg/h HDPE washing line, boxin also offers different models and sizes to provide customized washing and recycling solutions based on the level of contamination of the HDPE bottle and your application requirements

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Why do you need boxin hdpe scrap washing machine ?

Boxing’s exclusively designed HDPE washing machine effectively removes adhesives, impurities, and metals from the materials, with excellent cleaning results.

Our state-of-the-art waste LDPE film recycling machine has the following features.

Automation, less labor, low energy consumption, high efficiency
Water recycling system with a 20% reduction in energy consumption per unit
Stable recycled quality to meet the Downstream industry’s requirements

The boxing plastic washing machine combines different machines that produce high-quality hdpe-recycled materials.

To provide the most suitable plastic washing machine, please consult the experts of Boxin; we have 20 years of recycling machine experience and are ready to help you solve the confusion about waste HDPE recycling machines.

To be able to meet your needs, let our team know –

What waste materials are you looking to dispose of?
What is the degree of contamination of the material to be processed?
The required processing speed per hour
What is the quality of the final Particle you want?

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