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With the widespread use of PET bottles in the packaging industry, it is vital to ensure that these containers are thoroughly dried before bottling. Hot air dryers for PET bottles play a critical role in this process, effectively removing moisture from the walls.

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PET bottle hot air dryer selection criteria

Output demand: Evaluate the simulation of the required equipment to ensure enough drying capacity to meet the needs of the production line.

Drying time:

  • According to the bottle type and drying effect, determine the appropriate drying time to achieve the required degree of drying.

Heat source:

  • When choosing an electric or gas-hot air dryer, one must consider the energy cost and the equipment’s operating environment.

Hot air temperature:

  • The hot air temperature affects the drying efficiency and bottle quality, and the temperature should be adjusted according to the heat resistance of PET bottles.

Airflow design:

  • The slow flow rate of airflow affects the uniformity and efficiency of drying, so a good airflow design can ensure that the hot air evenly contacts the bottle’s surface.


  • The consumption of equipment affects the operating costs, and we need to consider the balance of energy and drying efficiency.

Maintenance and repair:

  • Choose equipment that is easy to maintain and repair; regular maintenance can prolong the dryer’s service life and improve its performance.

Особенности безопасности:

  • The equipment complies with relevant safety regulations, such as overheating protection and fire prevention measures to ensure the safety of operators.


  • Choose a reputable manufacturer that can provide reliable equipment and after-sales service to ensure the quality of equipment reputation and long-term operational stability.


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