Wet crusher: efficient recovery program for discarded waste bottles

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We recommend a wet crusher if you are looking for a solution to recycle waste plastic bottles. Wet crushers are specifically designed to process damp or contaminated materials such as waste plastic bottles, providing an efficient and economical way to take these materials and turn them into a reusable resource.

Wet crusher: efficient recovery program for discarded waste bottles


Wet crusher: efficient recovery program for discarded waste bottles

The High-Efficiency Shredding Machine has been launched to start recycling waste plastic bottles. This innovative machine utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide an environmentally friendly solution to help you turn discarded plastic bottles into a valuable resource. The shredder operates with water as the solvent, which effectively crushes the debris generated during the shredding process, reduces noise, and maintains the cleanliness and safety of the workplace. In addition, the wet shredder’s sharp and durable blades can easily handle a wide range of discarded and fragmented plastic bottles, including polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate filler (PET), greatly enhancing recovery efficiency.


The Wet Shredder comes with a complete range of specifications to meet the needs of different sizes of plastic bottle recycling. Its powerful horsepower provides efficient crushing capacity, while its sizeable crushing aperture allows it to process large quantities of discarded plastic bottles at once, with excellent processing time. In addition, the wet crusher can be set to different crusher settings, allowing you to adjust to the type of plastic bottles and crushing needs, ensuring you get the best possible recovery results. These features make the Wet Crusher ideal for recovering and reusing waste plastic bottles, effectively helping to improve productivity and recycling efficiency and contributing to the circular economy.

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Wet Shredder: Your Recycling Tool for Waste Plastic Bottles

Through the crushing of the wet shredder, discarded plastic bottles are loaded into the crushing tank with water, and the high-speed rotating blades are utilized to crush them into fine particles. The presence of water not only reduces the temperature generated by the shredding process, preventing the plastic bottles from melting and deforming, but also inhibits the generation of solutions and ensures a clean operating environment.

In addition, the wet pulverizer has the following advantages:

  • High crushing efficiency: A robust, strong, and excellent blade design ensures excellent crushing efficiency, effectively processing many discarded.Uniformityniformity: The type wet crusher can crush waste plastic bottles into uniform fine particles, which can subsequently be processed and utilized.
  • Reduced operating system: compared with the traditional dry-type crusher, the wet-type crusher can effectively reduce the operating system, which is conducive to saving operating costs.
  • Good environmental protection: wet pulverizer with water circulation system, efficient closed dyeing to create a suitable operating environment. SSmallize, easy tetemperateetis t shshrineedebriis small in size, and simple installation and maintenance. It is accessible to operatee.  It can be flexibly utilized in different recycling fields.


Wet Shredders: Rebirth of Discarded Waste Plastic Bottles

Recycling with a wet shredder gives waste PET plastic bottles a new lease on life. Through precision grinding technology, the Wet Shredder breaks the molecular bonds of plastic bottles, transforming them into tiny reusable pieces waiting to be molded into new products, perpetuating the recycling of resources and reducing the burden on the environment.


Advantages of wet pulverizers:

  • High-efficiency fine crushing: loaded with powerful horsepower and high-speed connections to ensure injection molded bottles are thoroughly crushed for optimal recovery.
  • Low Refractive Index: Highly efficient than traditional shredders, the type shredder uses water as a lubricant to reduce humidity and moisture, saving operating costs.
  • Reduced noise: The buffer effect of water effectively reduces noise, creating a quieter working environment that aligns with environmental standards.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Simple design and durable material guarantee easy maintenance and care, prolonging the machine’s life.

Penetrating wet machine crushing, the discarded plastic BOTTLE bottles are no longer garbage but valuable resources. Break it down into small pieces and start the journey of regeneration and recycling, permanently contributing to the environment.



We argue for its outstanding performance in waste plastic recycling bottles. The wet shredder’s superior horsepower, unique shredding technology, and broad applicability to materials such as PP and PET bottles provide companies with an efficient and energy-saving solution.

The Wet Grinder is a powerful tool for recycling waste plastic bottles and an essential piece of equipment that promotes sustainable development and resource reuse. By converting waste plastic bottles into reusable materials, we not only reduce the burden on the environment but also open up new opportunities fordevelopingf a circular economy.


1. What types of waste plastic bottles is the Wet Shredder suitable for?

  • The wet shredder AW-1000 is suitable for shredding all types of waste plastic bottles, including PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.

2. What are the maintenance points of the Wet Mill?

  • Regular cleaning and lubrication of the wet shredder are essential to ensure its efficient operation. It is recommended that the blades be replaced and regularly checked for wear and tear to extend the life of the equipment.

3. What are the advantages of a wet shredder for waste plastic bottles?

  • The main benefits of wet shredding for waste plastic bottles include reducing the volume of waste, simplifying waste transportation and disposal, and creating recyclable plastic materials. In addition, the wet shredding process helps to remove labels and impurities from the bottles, increasing their recycling value.
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