Wet Pulverizers for your PET and PP needs Recovery

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Stepping into the realm of waste plastic recycling, wet crushers play a crucial role. These powerful machines utilize a dry environment to effectively break down waste plastics, paving the way for subsequent reprocessing and reuse.

Wet Pulverizers for your PET and PP needs Recovery


Recovery for your PET and PP needs

Wet Mill Crusher is an efficient and effective solution for processing PET and PP bottles.

Powerful Horsepower:

The · crusher is equipped with 75-100HP powerful horsepower to ensure that the processing exceeds unhindered.

Wide Crushing Caliber:

  • Its wide crushing aperture of 100-600mm can easily handle expanded waste plastics.

Efficient Plastic Recycling:

  • The crusher can efficiently crush PET and PP bottles through an optimized blade design and wet crushing process, providing high-quality recycled materials for businesses.

Environmental and Economic Benefits:

  • The wet crushing process reduces noise and saves water and energy.

The crusher wet-type shredder allows you to succeed in PET and PP recycling, contributing to the commitment to make positive choices while creating considerable economic benefits.

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Optimization of wet pulverizers

Designed to handle a wide range of plastic substitutions, the Wet Machine Shredder has the power, compact shredding aperture, and advanced technology to solve your plastic recycling challenges effectively.

Versatile plastics processing to meet your needs

Handles many plastics, including PET, PP, PE, PS, ABS, and more. Suitable for different replacement forms: bottles, films, drums, containers, etc. Meet diversified industries: electronics, medical, automotive, packaging, etc.

High-efficiency pulverizing to enhance efficiency

Strong power to ensure highly efficient pulverizing capacity. Wide crushing aperture to accommodate significant volume losses. We optimized the knife design for precise and consistent pulverizing results.

Low energy consumption saves costs.

Energy efficiency: Low energy consumption design reduces operating costs. Water Cooling System: Efficient life and extended equipment life. Automated operation: saves labor and increases productivity.

Environmentally friendly design, promoting sustainability

Wet and Wet Crushing Type: Prevent spreading and improve the working environment. Recyclable stock: Crumbs can be further recycled, promoting compliance with the norms of the circular economy. Environmental regulations: Compliance with international environmental standards, ensuring your operation is compliant.


Understanding how wet pulverizers work

You must understand its working principle before choosing a highly efficient wet pulverizer. Wet pulverizers use a unique wet pulverizing technology that injects water or other liquids into the pulverizing process. This liquid offers the following advantages:

  • Reduced Temperature:

The liquid helps reduce the heat generated during pulverizing, preventing the plastic from melting or burning.

  • Grinding liquid:

The liquid can effectively grind the intermittent generated during the grinding process and improve the air quality of the working environment.

  • Improve efficiency:

Reduce the friction crushing coefficient, reduce the liquid, and improve the crushing efficiency.


After injecting the liquid, the crushed material will form a slurry, which will be transported and handled.

Wet Pulverizers work by utilizing a set of rotating blades to pulverize material into smaller particles at high speeds. These blades are usually made of durable alloy steel with good wear resistance. During the pulverizing process, the material is mixed with a liquid and crushed into pieces by the powerful impact of the blades. Pulverizers can pulverize many waste plastics, including PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE, and ABS.

Understanding how wet pulverizers work
Lower temperaturesLiquid helps to reduce the heat generated during the grinding process, preventing the plastic from melting or burning.
EnclosureLiquid can be effective in the grinding process generated by disturbances and improve the working environment and air quality.
Increased pulverizing efficiencyLiquid lubricates the pulverizing blades, reducing friction and improving pulverizing efficiency.
So material transportationWhen injected with liquids, the pulverized material forms a slurry, which can be transported and handled.


Discover the fantastic benefits of wet pulverizers.

A wet crusher is a crucial technology for modern emissions management and resource recovery, and with its unique advantages, it has demonstrated excellent results in handling plastic emissions. The following is an in-depth look at the extraordinary applications of wet crushers in various fields:

  • Improving Recycling Efficiency

Unlike traditional shredding equipment, wet crushers utilize French wet crushing technology, where water is added as a cooling agent during the crushing process to produce an effective suspending agent. This low-concentration environment dramatically improves recycling efficiency and reduces secondary contamination during plastic dosage disposal.

  • Reduced Coating

The wet pulverizer’s wet pulverizing technology effectively attenuates the frictional resistance of the knife blade, thereby reducing knife wear. Compared with dry pulverizers, the friction coefficient of the wet pulverizer knife wear is significantly reduced, which is conducive to saving on operating costs for enterprises.

  • Improve product quality

The wet crusher uses a precise cutting mechanism to produce uniform granules during the crushing process, improving the quality of recycled waste plastics. These high-quality granules not only facilitate subsequent processing but also increase the value of the final recycled product.

  • Environmental utility

The wet crushing technology of the damp crusher effectively inhibits wastewater generation and reduces air pollution. At the same time, the wastewater generated in the crushing process can be treated by precipitation or filtration, etc., to achieve resource utilization and play an environmental role—practical side.

  • Wide range of applications

Wet crushers have a wide range of applications. They are suitable for processing all kinds of waste plastics, including PET, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, etc., to meet the emission processing needs of different industries. This makes the wet crusher an indispensable critical equipment in resource recycling.



Our wet shredders have been extensively evaluated in various industries, proving their ability to handle a wide range of plastic emissions. These machines are robust and provide long-term operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

A wet shredder is ideal if you are looking for an effective and environmentally friendly solution to dispose of your waste plastics. By carefully researching and selecting the suitable machine for your needs, you can make the most of this technology and positively impact your business and the planet.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of wet pulverizers?

  • Advantages: Strong processing capacity, can handle all kinds of waste plastics. Adding water to the crushing process reduces noise and dust and cools the material. It can effectively separate foreign materials such as metals and stones. Disadvantages: Higher energy consumption due to the need for additional pumps and cooling systems. Requires regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent clogging and breakdowns.

How do I choose the right wet grinder for my needs?

  • The following factors should be considered when choosing a wet shredder: Capacity: Determine the amount of waste plastic you need to process. Material Type: Understand the type of plastic you need to pulverize. Crush Size: Determine the final crush size you need. Budget: Determine how much you are willing to invest.

What is the maintenance of a wet shredder?

  • The Wet Mill requires regular maintenance, including Cleaning: Regularly clean the blades and screens to prevent clogging. Lubrication: Regularly lubricate all moving parts to ensure smooth operation. Check Blades: Check blades regularly and replace or sharpen as necessary. Replace Water: Regularly replace the water used in the pulverizing process to keep it clean.


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