automatic plastic waste film crusher machine

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The relatively small size of crushed plastic pellets compared to processed crushed plastics results in higher availability, ease of transport and disposal, and enhanced subsequent processing.
These plastic pellets can be used in other industries, such as textiles, thus minimizing the use of virgin plastic.

automatic plastic waste film crusher machine


automatic plastic waste film crusher machine standard

In the plastic recycling process, the sorting will contain a large number of cleaner materials; at this time, you can buy a separate crusher machine+ silo can be completed to sell the plastic crushing.

Motor power(kw)3755-7590-110110-132160
Number of rotary knives(pieces)66/10101010
Number of fixed knives(pieces)44444
main shaft rotation diameter(mm)500650750750800


Crushing box:

  • High-quality alloy structural steel is welded, sturdy, and durable. Two double-edged fixed knives are installed in the box, which can be resharpened and adjusted many times—a hinged screen frame for easy screen removal and installation via a separate access port; no tools are required.

Knife holder:

  • Heavy duty claw rotor, high-quality alloy steel welded structure, stress relieved and dynamically balanced, sturdy and smooth running. The rotary knife has a V-shaped installation angle, the cutting shape is X-shaped, and the extension shaft of the rotor can be added with a speed wheel.


  • Optimum rotor and crushing chamber design reduces energy consumption and increases throughput.
  • Optimized rotor pressure plate especially suitable for heavy material crushing.
  • Precise clearance between rotary and fixed knives and rotor design ensures even crushing of particles and keeps noise to a minimum.


  • Quick off-machine adjustment of the knives minimizes downtime and makes changing knives easier.


  • There is no need to adjust the tool inside the machine.
  • When spare tools are available, they can be adjusted while the machine runs, minimizing downtime.


  • Welded construction, the entire frame is mounted on vibration-resistant rubber-to-metal connectors to resist vibration and minimize noise.


  • A specially designed feed hopper can be filled manually or by a conveyor belt and is fitted with a check plate to prevent the backflow of material. The feed hopper is hydraulically opened for easy maintenance and cleaning of the rotor.


  • The belt drive motor has a drive power of 55 kw and is IP-54 rated. The primary voltage is 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase.

A safety limit switch ensures that the unit is wholly stopped during maintenance.



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What is the difference between a plastic shredder and a pulverizer?

  • Shredders are typically used for more enormous plastic wastes such as bottles, drums, and pallets, while pulverizers handle smaller plastic wastes such as film, bags, and fibers.
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