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The boxing pet bottle washing line has recycling technology that meets FDA enforcement standards. Our pet washing line processes waste plastic bottles into flakes, including Coke bottles, milk bottles, carbonated drinks, drinking water, fruit juices, tea drinks, etc.

PET Bottle Washing Line


PET Bottle Washing Line Equipment: An Overview.

The most critical skill in the pet flakes washing line is the impurity removal rate, which includes the environmental pollutants to the plastic raw materials, other things stuck on the original plastic products, and the composition of the same color of different objects. Such cuter flakes processed by a pet bottle washing machine may lead to polyester staple fibers, PET tapes, PET pellets, PET transparent films, and sheets.

Therefore, standard PET recycling machines are characterized by the following specifications: 500kg to 5000kg per hour. Nevertheless, the BoXin pet bottle washing line manufactures polyester recycling equipment according to customer’s requirements. This means they can afford ones with less or more washing capacity according to different needs in recycled operations.

In addition to meeting capacity requirements, a customized pet bottle washing line can also be designed for specific types and levels of contamination of used plastic. Meets food-grade flakes standards.


Exclusive Technology For PET Bottle Washing Line

Belt or screw conveyors connect the machines to form a continuous pet bottle flakes washing line.

The feeding system conveys PET bottles to the production line.

The Crusher Machine crushes the bottles into small flakes.

The washing system uses a detergent and water stream to remove impurities and contaminants from the bottle pieces.

The drying system uses a Hot Air Dryer or a dewatering machine to remove water from the bottle flakes.

The pelletizing system melts and extrudes the bottle flakes into uniform pellets.


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Equipment Required For PET Bottle Washing Line

Belt conveyor + label removal machine

Belt conveyor + label removal machine


  • The delabeling machine removes labels through friction and effectively removes 90-98% of labels.

Manual sorting platform 

Manual sorting platform 


  • Sorting bottles of different colors and materials by hand improves the quality of the final bottle flakes.

Plastic crusher

plastic crusher


  • The crusher adds the water during the crushing process, and the bottle flakes play a part in crushing and cleaning. Water can also reduce the dust in the chamber. It reduces tool fatigue and, most importantly, it reduces powder production. Reduce the loss of flake production. Create conditions for thermal cleaning of bottle flake pieces.

Multi-stage cleaning

Multi-stage cleaning


  • Separating PET flakes from impurities to improve the quality of PET bottle flakes

Dehydrator+Steam washer

Dehydrator+Steam washer

  • Wash with hot water and detergent to eliminate oil, dirties, and some labels.
  • The moisture content in recycled PET bottles flakes is an essential quality indicator of PET recycling. Mechanicdehydration’sn’s efficiency directly affects the product’s quality and energy consumption. The material is continuously fed into the inner chamber of the dehydrator through the feed port, and it undergoes centrifugal movement driven by the rotating high-speed rotor. The centrifugal blades of the rotor push the material forward and blow it out of the discharge port. The water is passed through the sieve drum. The water is discharged and runs out of the outlet hole on the bottom.

Label suction machine + pipe drying system

Label suction machine + pipe drying system

The dried bottle flakes still have a small amount of labels. The fan system can reduce the moisture content of the bottle flakes for a second time and remove the small labels, thus improving the quality of the bottle flakes.

ModelBXA -500BXA -1000BXA -2000BXA -3000BXA -5000
Output (KG/H)5001000200030005000
Installed Power (K)120-160160-230260-360420-580880-950
Water Consumption(T/H)2-33-56-810-1212-15
Labor Requirements4-54-55–66-88-10
Factory Area(L*W*H)70*6*580*6*590*7*6100*6*6120*8*6

Each machine plays a vital role in the pet bottle recycling washing line, working together to ensure that PET bottles are effectively washed and processed into high-quality recycled material that can be used to make new products.


After the PET bottle washing line, the food-grade PFlake’s quality specifications are for reference.

PET flakes are recycled and processed bottle materials with the following stringent quality specifications:

Plastic bottle washing machine: Chemical Fiber Grade PET Flakes Quality
Water content≤ 1.5%
Labels≤ 30ppm
PVC≤ 100 ppm
Viscose≤ 30 ppm
PE, PP≤ 20 ppm
Metal≤ 10 ppm
Total impurity content≤ 200 ppm
*Flakes Size12 mm

pet bottle flakes washing machine: Food-Grade PET Flakes Quality
Water content< 1%
Labels< 15ppm
PVC< 30 ppm
Inorganic matter< 10 ppm
Viscose< 10 ppm
PE, PP< 15 ppm
Metal< 10 ppm
Total impurity content< 100 ppm
*Flakes Size12 mm

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PET Bottle Washing Line: Conclusion

Looking at the bottle-to-flakes recycling operation process, it is easy to see its significant contribution to the sustainable environment. Boxing, a professional pet plastic machine equipment manufacturer, provides customized designs for pet bottle flake washing lines to meet customers’ needs.

Our pet bottle-washing recycling machine has advanced equipment and technology to ensure high efficiency and quality in the pet bottle recycling plant. In addition, Boxin provides complete installation, warranty, and technical support services.

A professional engineering team will assist customers with equipment installation and commissioning to ensure the stable operation of the production line. A comprehensive warranty system and timely technical support make customers worry-free using the PET bottle washing line.



How does a PET bottle washing line work?

  • The PET bottle washing line is a fully automated system where belts or screw conveyors connect the machines. All machines are controlled by a centralized electrical control panel and cabinet to ensure smooth operation.

Advantages of using a pet recycler.

  • Using PET washing lines, we can significantly reduce the amount of plastic that goes into landfills and oceans. This improves our environment and creates a more sustainable future technology.

PET bottle washing line price

  • PET bottle washing line by Production scale-Brands and Suppliers-Technical Specifications-Transportation and installation costs-Market supply and demand Decide
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