waste plastic pp pe film recycling machine

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waste plastic pp pe film recycling machine

Boxin’s plastic film recycling machine aims to recycle waste agricultural film, winding film, garbage bags, woven bags, tonnage bags, etc. The cleaning and recycling process includes crushing, separating, washing, friction washing, hot washing, dewatering, and drying. Waste plastic film, woven bags after recycling, can be used to make various household and industrial products.

washing process of agricultural film recycling machine

The PlC intelligent system of the Boxin pe film recycling machine realizes a high degree of automation, and the patented cleaning equipment ensures that the removal rate of sediment and various impurities mixed in the film material can reach 96% above.

Provide different solutions according to the capacity requirements of the customer’s waste film recycling machine and the degree of contamination of the raw material.



  • Special blade shaft suit for film/woven bag grinding. Cutting the materials to a suitable size makes it easy to convey the next step.

High-speed friction washer

High-speed friction washer

  • The friction washer machine has a suitable rotating speed to press the raw material and wash the flakes more cleanly.

Precipitation separator

Pre wash unit

  • Cleaning pool drum for the intense pressure underwater cleaning design, maximum removal of residual impurities, different specific gravity materials to be separated, discharging for the continuous claw drive design, to ensure that the material is uniform and constant at the same time to control the water content.

Film Extrude

Film Extruder

  • The water content of plastic film after washing is usually maintained at 25%-30% or more; such a content water rate for recycling pelletizing water is too high, which will seriously affect the quality of pelletizing.
    boxin plastic extruder, the moisture content is reduced to 1-3% after extruding the film.

Pipe silo

Pipe silo

  • The extruded film passes through the blower pipeline to further reduce the water content, and the hopper-type hopper prevents the material from clumping and clogging.

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Materials handled waste plastic pp pe film recycling machine

If you need to process a blend or customize a production line, please get in touch with the box technical team, available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

Agricultural film Recycling Machine Technical Parameters




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LDPE film recycling machine FAQ

Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

  • We are a manufacturer with 20 years of experience; the whole production line is designed and developed in-house.

What warranty or guarantee do you offer if we purchase your machines?

  • The boxin line is CE compliant. Our warranty is limited to one year (excluding wearing parts), and we provide permanent technical guidance.

How do I install the machine when it arrives?

  • If you need technical support, we can arrange for our engineers to come to your factory to guide and commission the completed production line.
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