Eddy current separator

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An eddy current separator uses a strong magnetic effect to remove metals contained in waste recycling materials.

Eddy current separator


Eddy’s current separator technical features

The maximum magnetic field on the surface of the eddy current belt is 4200-4500GS, and the magnetic performance is guaranteed for 8 years without significant demagnetization; it can sort metals as small as 3mm.

Slider-type dynamic balancing mechanism to ensure high-precision dynamic balancing of the rotor, ultra-low noise; high-strength rotor structure to ensure long-life operation of the bearings; multi-dimensional step-less adjustment of the separation plate mechanism to ensure the recovery rate of aluminum; ultra-high rotational speed is the decisive factor in achieving the best sorting effect.

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Eddy’s current technical parameters

Fan + pipe

  • Purpose: convey bottle flakes to vibrating feeder
    Motor power: 11kw
    Pipe diameter: ¢219mm
    Pipe material: stainless steel

Eddy current feeder

  • Purpose: Feed bottle flakes evenly into the eddy current separator for separation
    Motor power: 0.75kw+0.75kw
    The effective length of the vibrating feeder: is 1900mm
    The effective width of the vibrating feeder: is 1200mm

Eddy current sorting

  • Purpose: sorting metal in bottles, minimum metal particle size: 3mm
    Motor power: 5.5kw
    Magnetic roller diameter: ¢300mm
    Magnetic roller speed: 0-3500r/min
    Conveying motor power: 2.2kw
    Effective belt width: 1200mm
    Belt speed: 0-2m/s


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