pet bottle washing recycling machine 500-5000kg/h

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pet bottle washing recycling machine 500-5000kg/h

Our pet bottle recycling machine can convert dirty mineral water, pet plastic bottles, coke bottles, plastic milk bottles, and other waste PET plastic into clean PET bottle flakes.

The pet recycling machine is fully automatic, and the washing process includes conveying, de-labeling, crushing, washing, drying, color sorting, and bagging. An electric control cabinet controls the whole recycling line.

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pet bottle recycling products Description

Waste pet bottles

Pet recycling machines are Advanced equipment in the circular economy of washing and recycling PET waste plastic. Through the PET bottles recycling machine, the washed and recycled plastic flakes can be fed into a granulator to be made into pellets, e.g., to make new PET bottles or other plastic products.

We offer a standard plastic bottle recycling washing line from 500-5000 kg/h. Still, of course, as a Chinese supplier of washing and recycling machines for fiber to food grade PET bottles with 20 years of experience in recycling, boxing has a wide range of solutions for different levels of contaminated materials, such as multi-stage washing, additional color sorting equipment, metal removers, and so on. Depending on the plastic materials, line requirements, quality of the finished product, and budget control,

We offer decontamination solutions to meet your needs.


boxing pet bottle recycling machine advantages

Bottle flakes

Variety of output

  • 500-5000kg/h standard fully automatic pet recycling machine.

Excellent finished product quality

  • Up to 98% label removal rate
  • After entering the high-speed dehydrator, the dehydration rate of bottle flakes can reach 99%
  • Increased equipment, finished product up to food grade

Self-developed crushing system

  • Heavy-duty claw rotor, high-quality alloy steel welded structure, stress-relieved and dynamically balanced, solid, and stable in operation. The rotor has a V-shaped installation angle and an X-shaped cutting shape. A speed-regulating wheel can be installed on the extended shaft of the rotor.

Save water resources

  • A water treatment system was added to reuse wastewater, and the water consumption per ton of the PET recycling machine was reduced to less than 1.5 liters.

Customized solutions

  • Based on the material contamination level and finished product requirements provided by the customer, we add or reduce different small equipment so that the customer can purchase the most suitable PET recycling machine at the most friendly price.

Optional equipment for your reference

pet bottle tablets

  • Metal removal washer: Improve the quality of finished products by magnetically adsorbing small metal objects
  • Color sorter: Through advanced optical capabilities, it automatically sorts bottles of different colors, reducing labor and improving the quality of finished products.
  • Label suction machine: uses a fan to suck in small label fragments and dust to improve the quality of finished products
  • Multi-stage cleaning: specially designed for bottles with higher contamination levels
  • Water treatment system: Reduce energy consumption and reduce secondary discharge of wastewater that pollutes the environment

pet recycling machine Workflow and technical parameters

ModèleBXA -500BXA -1000BXA -2000BXA -3000BXA -5000
Rendement (KG/H)5001000200030005000
Puissance installée (K)120-160160-230260-360420-580880-950
Consommation d'eau (T/H)2-33-56-810-1212-15
Besoins en main-d'œuvre4-54-55–66-88-10
Surface de l'usine (L*L*H)70*6*580*6*590*7*6100*6*6120*8*6

pet recycling machine CAD process flow chart


pet recycling machine CAD process flow chart

1Metal chain plate conveyor

1Metal chain plate conveyor

You are conveying material to the next stop.

2 unpacking machine

unpacking machine

The unpacking machine opens the packed PET bottle bricks to loosen them.

3 Three-drum screening machine

drum screening machine

Separate different impurities, such as sand, stone, metal, and so on, according to the size of the holes.

4Four belt conveyor

Four belt conveyor

You are conveying material to the next stop.

5Five off-labeling machine

Five off-labeling machine

 For removing the labels by friction between the screen and arms

6 Manual sorting platform

Plate-forme de tri manuel

Manually separate different materials and different colored plastic bottles.

7Seven crusher

Seven crusher

Crush the bottles into flakes with the indicated size.

8 Floating washer

Floating washer

 Remove labels, caps, and so on through fresh water.

9 High-speed friction washer

High-speed friction washer

 Through the injection of high-pressure water, the effective removal of chemicals and impurities.


10 High-speed de-watering machine

High-speed de-watering machine

For reducing water content

11  Hot Washer

Hot Washer

Flakes are stored in the tank mixed with hot water and chemicals. The rotary paddles make the flakes rub with each other to remove the dirt on the surface, such as glue, mud, and oil.


12 Storage silo

Storage silo

The flakes are sent to the storage silo by pneumatic force.


pet recycling machine Installation and warranty

Buyers should prepare for installation when the equipment arrives, such as power supply, water supply, labor cranes, etc.
Boxin will prepare a visa application for the engineers, who will go to the Buyer’s factory for the commissioning job.
Buyers should afford round-trip air tickets for the engineers if the visa application is approved and bear expenses such as visa formalities, meals, accommodation, and an allowance of USD120 per day for each engineer.
Engineers will give free training lessons to the laborers in the Buyer’s factory.

Thirteen months for mechanical parts from the date of the bill of lading. Boxin will charge the Buyer the cost price of spare parts after the equipment is out of warranty and provide a long-term technical guide.


plastic recycling machines FAQ

Can PET be 100% recycled?

  • The common claims of “100% recyclable” or “100% recycled” made on PET beverage bottles are usually misleading or false.

How much does recycled PET plastic cost?

  • now at an average of 53.72 cents per pound

How can I recycle my PET at home?

  • Consumer recycling: To recycle PET plastic, you only need to collect, filter, sort, rinse

What are the methods of recycling pets?

  • Via chemical and mechanical recycling
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